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Export Business of Landscaping Materials


Business to convey attractiveness of Japan to overseas

In recent years, a wide variety of things in relation to traditional Japanese culture, Japanese gardens or Japanese “Bonsai” (miniature potted plant) have been delivered or distributed in many countries around the world, and a lot of information on such things can easily be obtained on the internet, etc. Therefore, everyone would increasingly have a feeling of closeness to the world in the future.


“SENTEIYA-SORA” (hereinafter called “we” or “our”) is exporting Japanese landscaping materials (garden stone, garden lantern, garden washbasin, etc.), Japanese foliage plants, Bonsai, gardening products or landscaping tools (scissors, saw, etc.) all over the world, through a keyword: “Japanese Landscaping”. Currently, the maintenance of garden plants or Bonsai exported worldwide is an issue to be solved for Japanese landscaping industry.


We are working on transfer of our own pruning technologies, not only in Japan but also in the world. Our engineers are providing guidance or instruction to local people on site, in relation to our unique pruning technologies from their basics to applications, on the basis of our long years of experience.


from Japan to all over the world

In late years, all over Japan, there are various kinds of gardens combined with landscaping technologies, etc. brought from overseas, and the number of traditional Japanese garden has continued to decline year by year.


In particular, as a problem, the requests to dismantle gardens and dispose of all of them have been increasing recently, though the traditional Japanese gardens created by Japanese craftsmen have a variety of valuable materials such as a lot of good stones, garden plants or lanterns.


Therefore, we have started export business for the purpose of delivering valuable and traditional Japanese landscaping materials to the people who really seek for them.


Contents of Business

If you are interested in Japanese landscaping or gardens, etc., please feel free to contact us.


We offer you various types of garden stones (big rocks), landscaping materials (lantern, washbasin, pot), garden tools (scissors, saw), Japanese trees such as pine or podocarpus(maqui), or pruning guidance of Japanese trees, by exporting them or dispatching our engineers all over the world.


First of all, please contact us by e-mail or via the inquiry form on our website. Our staff dedicated to export will support you.



from Japan to all over the world


三重県菰野町のお庭のお手入れ剪定伐採専門店剪定屋空-庭木の剪定.伐採.植栽などお庭の事ならお気軽に-ご対応エリア-三重県 四日市 鈴鹿市 桑名市 津市 亀山市 朝日町 菰野町.
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