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About bamboo grove maintenance

三重県 竹 伐採
三重県 竹 伐採

Recently, the number of requests for maintenance of bamboo forests and forests that have become unmanageable is increasing.

If bamboo grove and forest are left unattended, they will affect the ecosystem of various creatures, and at the same time, the possibility that they will fall on us as natural disasters will increase.

三重県 竹林整備

Some bamboos grow to 20 m or more if left unattended, and Japanese bamboo types include matake, mengso bamboo, broken bamboo, female bamboo, and black bamboo.

Bamboo propagates on the underground stems (chikakei), which are rooted in the ground. It takes a lot of labor to remove roots manually, it has strong fertility, and it is important how well it can be managed after logging and maintenance.

Even in the garden, black bamboo and bamboo are sometimes planted, but it has taken root widely outside the planted space, and it is a problem that buds come out from ridiculous places. The more consultations we receive, the stronger the plant.

三重県 竹林整備
三重県 竹藪伐採

As for the maintenance method of the bamboo forest, even if the bamboo is cut down from the root, it will be generated again by the nutrients stored in the rhizome, so the method of removing the root of the rhizome with a heavy machine or cutting the parent bamboo to 1 m from January to April " There is a method of using up the nutrients stored in the rhizome and withering it by cutting 1 m, and a method of suppressing the runaway of bamboo by creating a thinning zone with a width of about 1 to 2 m around it. It is important to continuously collect and manage bamboo shoots.

三重県 竹林整備
亀山市 竹林整備
桑名市 竹林整備

In the maintenance of bamboo grove on slopes, if all the bamboo is withered, the ground kept by the rhizome may cause landslides, so it is necessary to carefully use an appropriate method depending on the location and situation. ..

One management method is to leave the bamboo grove management to a contractor throughout the year, but it also costs money every year, so it is important for the customer to manage it by himself after maintenance.

In addition, there is also damage from pests in the summer.

The exotic species Xylocopa tranquillis, which has been increasing in recent years, is also actively beginning to work.

桑名市 竹伐採
桑名市 竹林整備
三重県 タイワンタケクマバチ

Nesting of Xylocopa tranquillis has also been confirmed in Mie Prefecture, and the photo below shows the Xylocopa tranquillis hibernating in dead bamboo when the bamboo forest was maintained in October 2019.

Xylocopa tranquillis sometimes nests in dead bamboo in bamboo grove, bamboo fences in private houses, bamboo brooms, etc. The damage is spreading.

三重県 タイワンタケクマバチ
桑名市 竹林 タイワンタケクマバチ

Since a hole is made in dead bamboo to make a nest, it is expected that in the future, nests will be made one after another in abandoned bamboo grove, etc., and the nest will grow more and more with very strong fertility.

We found a number of nests of Xylocopa tranquillis in the dead bamboo that was cut down by the bamboo grove maintenance, and up to 12 Xylocopa tranquilis were hibernating in one section.

When I put it in a plastic case and observed it, the movement was slow immediately after I got out of the nest, but in about 10 minutes I woke up from hibernation and started flying around.

鈴鹿市 タイワンタケクマバチ
タイワンタケクマバチ 桑名

It is said that both the Japanese carpenter bee and the exotic species Xylocopa tranquillis are "not so aggressive", but they attack if they are accidentally stimulated by cutting bamboo during the activity period. The sex becomes stronger and the possibility of being stabbed increases.

Although it is said to be weakly toxic, it may cause anaphylactic shock if it is stabbed in large quantities.

Anaphylactic shock is said to cause skin symptoms such as generalized hives, vomiting, dyspnea, and in severe cases, impaired consciousness and life-threatening symptoms due to an allergic reaction to the poison that has entered the body. It has been reported that even if it does not occur at times, it will develop if it is stabbed many times.

三重県 タイワンタケクマバチ オス

As we take care of the garden every year, there are always nests of paper wasps and wasps.

As a safety measure, I always carry a poison remover, a tool for sucking out poison when I'm stabbed, and an insecticide spray, but even if a professional trader is careful, I can get stabbed.

三重県 タイワンタケクマバチ 駆除
三重県 スズメバチ駆除

We hope that you will refer to the above points and consult with us regarding bamboo grove maintenance.

We would like to work with our customers to formulate and maintain a management plan that will allow them to grow beautiful bamboo and forests.

朝日町 竹林整備
桑名市 竹伐採
桑名市 竹林整備
三重県 竹の活用

Bamboo that has been cut down after maintenance of the bamboo grove has also been crushed into powder and used as a biomass resource, and the use of bamboo is progressing. I would like to introduce bamboo education that can make good use of bamboo on blogs.

In the future, we would like to be able to propose and help you with how to use bamboo.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems regarding the maintenance of the rough bamboo grove.


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Please feel free to contact us for anything regarding bamboo grove maintenance.

The quote is free.

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