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Everyone's tree education "Wood camel-I wish for the next generation that values nature. Camel that connects trees-"

三重県 木育

Live / learn / feel with trees

Tree education that conveys the importance of trees to children


The main work of us "Pruning shop sky" is pruning and logging of trees.

Pruned branches and felled trees are brought to the recycling center and reborn as wood chips and compost.

However, from the beginning, we have been searching every day for ways to utilize pruned branches and felled trees with our own hands.

This is because I wanted adults, children of the next generation, and people of all ages to be interested in trees, to touch them, and to feel them.

菰野町 木育
菰野町 木育

The reason why I had such a feeling was when I was a child.

I lived in the center of the city, but my grandfather was a carpenter, and I could hear the smell of wood in my life, hear the sounds of various tools such as planes and saws, and let me touch them. I felt it.

菰野町 森林保全

When I was a kid, the garden looked like a "small forest", chasing insects in the grasslands of the riverbed, and playing muddy in the fields. While I was feeling "nature" and "tree" with my five senses, I am convinced that "tree" and "nature" taught me various things, and I still have that experience in society. I feel that it is very useful.

三重県 森林整備
木育 三重
造園 木育

Over the years, trees grow into forests, and the water grown there flows through rivers and into the sea.

Realizing that we are living with nature, benefiting from nature,

"Using wood is connected to protecting the environment."

You need to understand that.

While there are adults who still know about trees and mountains

I feel that it is now necessary to spread "tree education" and pass it on to future generations

Activities related to tree education are being actively carried out nationwide.

三重県 木育
I think that you can really understand the goodness of wood and the importance of nature by experiencing the "tree" through the original experience of playing in nature and manufacturing using wood.
I think that having the knowledge to acquire while touching "trees" and "nature" will lead to the control of future natural disasters.
自然の中で遊ぶ原体験や、木を使ったものづくりを通し「木」というものを体感することで、木の良さや、自然の大事さ大切さがとても理解できると思います。 「木」や「自然」に触れながら身につく知識があることで、将来の自然災害の抑制にもつながっていくと思います。

"Wood camel-I wish for the next generation that values nature. A camel that connects trees-"

三重県 木育

Tree camel

Name tree camel

Distribution area Japan Japan original species

Habitat A place where you can spend a cool and comfortable time Inhabiting the back of trees

Physical condition 2.5 cm to 3 cm

Tail length 5 cm The tail is long for the body, and the trees growing on the bumps used for pruning and watering the bumps are in a symbiotic relationship and enjoy each other's comfortable life. ing.

About 300g to 630g "Kirakuda" belongs to the genus Solakuda, which has a bump on its back.

Originally from Japan, it has a white body color, a long neck, and thin and long limbs.

It has two fingers and a small hoof, but it is keratinized. The stiffened legs act as a non-slip, and are useful when climbing trees or climbing on the back.

It lives in gardens and forests along the mountains, but its eyelashes are long and its nostrils can be closed freely to prevent dust from entering.

It is a herbivorous and eco-friendly guy who mainly eats the leaves of trees that coexist with bumps, but occasionally when carnivorous plants coexist, they also prey on insects.

You can spend a few days without drinking water even in a harsh environment, but the plants on your back collect night dew and live on it.

Almost almost eco guy

It has a fairly eco-friendly body, but when it drains a little damp feces and looks closely under the trees, many small feces can be seen.

It has a lot of endurance and physical strength, and when the bed is batting with insects that occasionally live in the back, kick it.
It can be difficult to find because it can run as fast as 4km / h. Occasionally, you can see a tree fairy riding between the bumps.

木育 庭師
三重県 木育 剪定屋空
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