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500 yen per month Mie Prefecture Unoccupied House Management-Niwa Plus Akiya-

500 yen per month Mie Prefecture Unoccupied House Management Service-Niwa Plus Akiya-For those who have requested the care of garden trees in their home away from home, we regularly check the status of important living conditions, and provide support and reporting services. Corresponding areas Yokkaichi, Tsu City , Kuwana City, Suzuka City, Kameyama City,

Mie Prefecture Unoccupied house garden management

Niwa Plus Akiya

三重県 空き家管理

About garden management of vacant houses

At the pruner-Sky-, we also take care of the gardens of vacant houses, which are increasing year by year. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with vacant houses, such as those who have vacant houses in Mie prefecture but cannot go to them in the distance.

* Please leave it to us to take care of your important home while you are on a business trip or assigned overseas. We also support long-term business trips and sudden transfers.

Garden maintenance for vacant houses is only available for maintenance of the entire garden (pruning, weeding, etc.) due to tree felling.
​This is a one-time proposal, and we are currently unable to undertake regular maintenance of the garden.

List of supported areas

<Mie Prefecture>

Komono Town, Inabe City, Kuwana City, Yokkaichi City, Toin Town, Kawagoe Town, Kisosaki Town, Suzuka City, Kameyama City, Tsu City,

Komono Town, Asahi Town

Corresponding area is expanding!

Please feel free to contact us even outside the service area.

Unoccupied house garden maintenance & management service contents

We will respond immediately to customers far away and make convincing proposals and work.

One of the most frequently asked questions about problems with unoccupied houses is that trees cross the border to the neighborhood, so we request that they be cut down. At Pruning Shop Sora, we will first take a look at the current situation in the area and propose what kind of care is best suited to the garden.

Depending on the vendor, logging and mowing alone are apt.

There are various construction methods, even if it is simply called logging or mowing.
Pruning shop Sora-sora-is the most customer depending on what you want to do with the garden afterwards, such as disposing of sprouting trees and fallen leaves that have entered the site of the neighborhood even if you cut down and stump. We will carry out construction that has merits.
三重県 空き家 伐採
三重県 空き家 管理 伐採

Care for the garden that does not make the vacant house look like a vacant house

We provide the best measures to meet your needs, such as cutting trees in the garden of an unoccupied house, pruning mowing trees, and pruning, as well as disinfecting garden trees that also serve as weed control.

We also undertake annual maintenance of vacant gardens and management of rice fields and vacant lots. With our skillful pruning logging technology, we have been pleased by many customers and have been highly evaluated.

Rather than just cutting the trees and cleaning the fallen leaves in the garden, we do not make the vacant house look like a vacant house by improving the appearance of the garden tree, which is the proof and motto of our technology.

Arranging garden trees leads to the protection of assets.

Buildings on a desolate site will naturally become dirty and decay. By managing the entire vacant house, there will be no damage to the burglary or troubles in the neighborhood.

When it comes to managing and caring for vacant house garden trees, leave it to a garden tree professional who is familiar with garden trees. We pride ourselves on being able to provide appropriate management with our professional technical capabilities.

If you look at the condition of the garden, you can immediately determine what kind of measures are necessary, so we would appreciate it if you could consult with us.


Customer-only toll-free number

いなべ市 伐採


Please feel free to contact us for anything regarding the garden.

The quote is free.

三重県 空き家管理
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