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About pruning shop sky -sora-

The sky is forever

I remember every time I see the blue sky

I want to be such a gardener

I will visit the garden today as well

Pruning shop sky -sora-
We would like to treat our customers so that they can convey the sense of security and comfort when they encounter a big tree.


What we can do for that

Things to tell customers the advantages and disadvantages requested by us

I think that the feelings for the garden and trees are ten people and ten colors.

"I want you to take care of it roughly." "I want you to cut it into short pieces and make it refreshing."

We do not accept all such requests.

I think that the compatibility between our customers and us is also very important.

We do not necessarily think that we can make proposals and care that suit each customer.

We would like to help our customers with heart in their gardens and trees.

Things that continue to be a customer's temperament while being a craftsman

What we think of as a "gardener" is "Niwako"

I think it's about enjoying the work in the garden and having the ambition to be polite.

Keeping that in mind, "I am in touch with the customer's garden and trees," I am aiming for a "garden spirit" that allows customers to think in a temperamental manner without having arrogance or arrogance.

Always think and execute "what makes our customers happy"

That is the joy of life and work.

飯島 一郎

Representative profile

剪定屋空 代表 飯島 一郎.JPG

Ichiro Iijima

Born February 10, 1982

Born in Ota-ku, Tokyo

Lives in Komono Town, Mie District, Mie Prefecture

Tokyo Metropolitan Omori High School part-time graduation

Study abroad in Brazil while attending school Live in a hotel along the Amazon River and experience the Great Amazon while working part-time

@Amazon Travelogue Blog Brazil Sky

After returning to Japan, he worked at a Brazilian restaurant.

After that, I came to Mie at the invitation of a friend and moved to Mie without returning to my hometown.

Trained at a landscaping company in Mie Prefecture

Launched an independent pruner-Sky-in February 2015.

Hobbies: Skin diving, making birdhouses using waste materials

Favorite places: Sea, Brazil, Iriomote Island

菰野町 庭.JPG

Yoshie Iijima The type to do when doing

Born in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture

Graduated from Toyohashi Fashion College

Worked at a clothing-related company, from selling clothes to repairing clothes and managing manufacturing.

After separating the clothing work, he came to Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture alone. While working as a cooking apprentice at a hotel for two years, spend time feeling the magnificent nature. He has a fateful encounter with his husband's partner.

Currently, I am having fun and struggling every day as an assistant at the pruner-Sora-.


Company Profile

Store name

Pruner Sky Senteiya Sora


Ichiro Iijima


Komono Main Store

2304-1 Sugitani, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie-gun 510-1326

Tsu City Sales Office

1565-1 Fujikata, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture 514-0815 House Brin blue 205

Phone number

TEL: 059-340-7479


info(at)   * Please replace (at) with @


Business hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Regular holiday Sunday


February 2015


[Business description] Garden care Garden tree pruning, tree felling, tree pruning, felling special felling, private residence garden management, weed control sheet, solar facility mowing, exterior construction garden remodeling, garden making, Weeding, pruning, garden management of vacant houses, green space management of facilities such as apartments and factories


Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. Business accident insurance

General Counsel

Mitsuhiro Kuroda, Corporate Lawyer, Higashi Osaka Law Office, i Headquarters

About us

Here, we have summarized how we moved to Mie Prefecture, set up a pruning shop sky, and continue to the present day. Thank you for your interest.

三重県剪定伐採専門店 剪定屋空

It's been 8 years since I moved to Mie prefecture in 2020.

The reason I came to Mie Prefecture was the invitation of a Brazilian friend.

At that time, I was invited by a friend who lived in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, to say, "Mie is a good place, so come visit us once." I planned to stay for about a week and went to stay at my friend's house. I was guided through the mountains, rivers, and the sea, and I felt that it was a very nice place blessed with nature.


To commemorate the last day of my stay, I was taken to the Suzuka River.

When I was enjoying playing in the river with my friends and family, an event that influenced my life happened.

I was bitten by a poisonous snake pit viper.

A snake approached me as I was swimming in the river.

I didn't expect the snake to swim in the river and encounter it, so I felt dangerous and tried to drive it away with my hand, and I was bitten between my left thumb and index finger.

I said, "It hurts a little," so I easily thought that it would be cured if I took a rest, and lay down on the riverbank.

However, the pain was getting worse and worse, the swelling spread from the bitten part, and the arm became bigger and bigger, and after discussing with a friend, it was decided that it was better to go to the hospital nearby. I was taken to the hospital.

The swelling of the arm has become quite severe, and the color is a pit viper pattern.

Since I couldn't form it, the swelling spreads as it is, and if the poison rubs my shoulder and reaches my neck, I can't guarantee my life. I realized the seriousness of the matter for the first time when I was told by my doctor that I might disconnect.

When I saw a friend who was always cheerful, with a deep blue and rugged expression that I had never seen before, and entered the treatment room, I was prepared to die.

After a while, I fainted, and the next time I regained consciousness, I was in the intensive care unit where critically ill patients gathered. As I was about to become conscious, I looked around my body and found various tubes.

When I asked the nurse, he said that he was taking water into his body, expelling the poison from his urine, and forcibly circulating it.

Multiple lines were drawn on the swollen arm, indicating that the pit viper venom gradually spread toward the shoulder.

While I was in the hospital, I was in a situation where I might die, and it was time for me to think about various things and face myself.

There may be some meaning to the fact that the events of "no way" for me continued and I am in this situation now, because it was the last day of my stay that I was bitten. I came to think that it might be shown to be a little more in Mie.

Fortunately, the swelling of my arm began to subside just before I crossed the dangerous line, and I was able to leave the hospital without amputation.

I am grateful to my friends and doctors who took me to the hospital for the fact that I was hospitalized for about a month for the entire period.


When I calm down and look back, I think that even if the snake approached at that time, I would not have been bitten if I did nothing from here, but at that time there was a very ignorant part to the snake, and there was little recognition that it was dangerous. Therefore, I deeply regret that I have taken careless actions, and at the same time, I realized that ignorance is terrifying.

For a while after I was discharged from the hospital, I started working at a factory, civil engineering, and Banko ware factory while staying at my friend's mother's house, and started by raising funds for living alone.

When I started living alone and looked at the townscape while thinking about the future, I could almost always see that the detached house had a garden, and the craftsmen were stepping up and caring for it. I stopped at.

I remembered that I used to be interested in the landscaping industry and wanted to work for a long time.

In the world of craftsmen, I was worried that someone like me would work, and I couldn't take on the challenge for a long time. became.

Originally I liked nature, so I entered the world of landscaping and immediately became absorbed in it.

As I worked, I became more motivated to do landscaping work myself, and became independent in 2015.

植木屋 独立ブログ

Encounter with my wife

I met my wife on Iriomote Island, which is called the Amazon in Japan.

Both of them worked on Iriomote Island before coming to Mie Prefecture.

Iriomote Island belongs to the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, and since half of the island is still undeveloped, it is a very nice island where you can feel the magnificent and beautiful nature.


For us, it is Japan's second home, which we are very fond of.

When I was 20, I started visiting Iriomote Island as a practice to go to the Amazon in South America.

At that time, there was little information on the island, and the nature was richer than it is now, so it was a truly valuable experience.

After that, he challenged the Brazilian Amazon twice and remained fascinated by the Amazon.

It was when I visited Iriomote Island again at the end of my twenties and stayed while working.


I finished the seasonal labor called "millet hunting" to harvest sugar cane, and after that I worked in a tavern.

The woman who came into the store as a customer right after she started working is her current wife.

The moment I first met, I had a feeling that I would marry this child.

However, because I was in charge of the kitchen, I didn't have many opportunities to talk.

Then, after finishing the preparation in the morning, when I was resting on the bench in front of the tavern in the daytime, I saw her passing by the road in front of me.

It seems that the tavern where I worked was located between her workplace and the dormitory, and she was also assisting in cooking at the hotel, so she was acting at the same time, and when she finished work in the morning and returned to the dormitory I often meet when I go to work in the evening.

I just said a few words, but the distance gradually got closer.

When I heard it later, she said that when she first met her, she felt that she had met this person, and I think she simply liked each other, but it happened to overlap. I think it was miraculous to be connected.


When I came to Mie prefecture, she was still working in Iriomote Island, and I was only in contact with her, but when I heard that she would return to her parents' home in Aichi prefecture after the contract period for work in Iriomote Island, she was next to me. Because it was in Iriomote prefecture, I promised to meet and was able to meet again.

Immediately after that, dating began, and I was about to join the company just before I became independent.

I didn't know if I had a job, and I told him that there was a good chance that I couldn't eat it, but he said he wanted to get involved, so we started "Pruning Shop Sora".

I'm just grateful that he followed me with all the things I didn't understand without saying selfishness.


Two people struggle to start from one pair of scissors I am keenly aware of the rigor of the landscaping industry

People often say, "I can't eat independently" and "I don't know anything", and the road to independence is overlooked.

I'll do it somehow! It was good that I was enthusiastic, but as expected, I had no job for the first year.

二人で四苦八苦 鋏一本からのスタート 造園業の厳しさを痛感 

I'm sorry I didn't have any tools other than scissors, but for the stepladder, I bought the broken stepladder that was sleeping in the customer's garden, and the chainsaw was rented by the farm equipment store one by one. I prepared the tools.

While working with a handyman, I helped manage the green space of the housing complex and mow the riverbed. I was keenly aware of the difficulty of this, and I continued to groping.

I had a strong feeling, so I read books in various fields such as management and attracting customers at the same time as studying landscaping so that I could make my own work, and what I do when I take a bath. I always thought about the times and studied hard while I was sleeping.

I didn't give up, I went through trial and error, and sometimes I learned from customers, and gradually my work as a "pruner sky" increased.

造園 独立 .JPG
植木屋 独立.jpg

I met a gardener who became independent at the same time because of the relationship with people, and he was willing to consult with me, which deepened my knowledge of landscaping and taught me the depth of pruning.

Also, since I am in the same position as a manager, I think that I was able to grow significantly by sharing and discussing the worries and issues that came up in each other's work.

The number of friends who can help each other by making the best use of their respective strengths gradually increases.

It came to be made up only by the work of "pruning shop sky".

Independence with only one pair of scissors called pruning shears.

I think it was a reckless challenge when I think about it now, but I think that I am now thanks to the feeling that I did not give up and the customers and colleagues who entrusted me with the work. With the support of many friends, Pruning Shop Sora is still visiting the garden in Mie Prefecture today.


In 2020, "Pruning shop sky" has reached its sixth year, but every year different issues are raised, and there are still many things I do not know, so I am studying every day.

I feel that people have never needed this much in my life, and I would like to continue to thank our customers and colleagues and take good care of them from the bottom of my heart.

We will not loosen our hands to learn and improve, always keep an antenna for information, first firmly build and solidify our foundation, and not a mechanism that only our company will improve, but with the aspiration of "good for Mikata" in our hearts. We will continue to ask ourselves what we can do, take action with courage, and continue to evolve.

Thank you for reading to the end.

菰野町 山暮らし.JPG

Please feel free to contact us for anything regarding the garden.

The quote is free.

三重県剪定伐採専門店|剪定屋空-sora- 四日市 鈴鹿市 津市


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