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Environmental and social activities

三重県 環境活動 社会活動

Environmental and social activities


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We participated in Light Down Mie 2019 on August 28, 1st year of Reiwa.

As an initiative to prevent global warming, we carried out a light-down on August 21, 2019. It was a day that made me think more about global warming, as I was grateful that the lights were always on.

It was also posted on the Mie Prefectural Office website →

三重県 地球温暖化

August 29, 2018 Volunteer work to remove dead branches of camphor tree in front of Yokkaichi City Hall

In the street trees lined with camphor trees in front of Yokkaichi City Hall, I worked as a local volunteer at Ichikawa Zouen and Pruning Shop Sora to remove dead branches by rope climbing when high-altitude workers cannot enter.

In the hot weather, the staff of the Urban Development and Parks Division of the Urban Development Department of Yokkaichi City Hall also attended.

The symbol tree of Yokkaichi is a camphor tree, which was planted as a result of a questionnaire survey of citizens in 1972.

The camphor tree is an evergreen tree that is said to be resistant to pests, and I think that I chose a fast-growing and powerful tree species in consideration of the future of Yokkaichi City.

I think the role of the landscaping industry is to maintain a beautiful tree shape in Yokkaichi, to make it a splendid tree that will be loved by generations, and to make the cityscape better through the trees.

Thank you for giving me a valuable experience through volunteer activities.

三重県 CSR
三重県 ボランティア
三重県 環境保全
三重県 CSR

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August 21, 2018

We accepted two students from Wakuwaku Switch in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, which is engaged in hands-on internship business and career education business, and conducted a one-day hands-on internship.

One student from Mie University One student from an overseas university came to talk about work related to the landscaping industry.

We asked them to hold and experience tools such as pruning scissors that they use all the time.

Since I was a college student, I think it's wonderful to be acting in various ways toward my dreams.

I was nervous from beginning to end, but I enjoyed talking with him.

Waku Waku Switch is developing various other exciting businesses.

Unfortunately, the image of the landscaping industry and gardeners that young children imagine was not very good. I would like to continue to incorporate exciting things so that we can change the image little by little.

I am also grateful to the staff who accompanied me to the interview.

The thing that the staff ate the most was the ant room where ants could be bred indoors.

I hope you will come and see it again.

三重県 インターシップ
三重県 CSR活動
三重県 インターンシップ
三重県 蟻

About earthquake donations whose epicenter is in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture in 2018

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the earthquake that originated in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture. We pray for the earliest possible recovery.

In the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, I was able to talk directly with people who volunteered in the disaster area, and I would be grateful if you could send me what I needed at that time, so I will send you saws and impacts. I got it.

I heard that even if you simply send food and clothes, they may be sent in large quantities and there is no place to store them, which may be a nuisance to those affected by the disaster. This time, instead of making direct contact, I visited the website of Osaka Prefecture and made a donation through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

50,000 yen in total

June 29, 2018 All the staff of the pruning shop sky

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2018.4.21 Donation to support Furusato Komono

We donated to the "Furusato Komono Support Donation" held in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture.

Komono Town is a very natural place, and a wide variety of animals and plants such as Japanese serows inhabit it, and I feel that more harmony with humans will be required in the future. As a landscaping company, we aim to harmonize the house and the garden, and we believe that creating an environment where the house and the garden can coexist is part of our business. Although it is still our weak power, we will support the future image of Komono Town, "Komono, a town of smiles and vitality where people gather in nature".

ふるさと菰野 寄附
菰野町 寄附

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"Corporate Environmental Network Mie" has been established as a place for information exchange to build a recycling-oriented economic system that harmonizes companies and environmental conservation. I think that it is a situation where landscaping companies, who usually aim for harmony with nature, must seriously consider how to get involved in environmental problems and solve them. I think that CSR and CSV need not only be tackled by large companies, but also by individual vendors with a high level of awareness and what we can do.

In Mie Prefecture, as an effort to reduce the environmental load, companies such as M-EMS, which are difficult to introduce ISO, are also taking steps. At Pruning Shop Sora, we will continue to think about and implement ways that we can utilize in society toward the acquisition of M-EMS.

"Corporate Environment Network Mie"


Fun to Share

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Let's create a fun and low-carbon society together with the slogan "Fun to Share"! The watchword.

It is an initiative that emphasizes the idea of ​​learning from various perspectives and creating initiatives that emit less CO2 through the technologies and initiatives of various regions, groups, and companies.

Activities to widely solicit, share, and expand technologies and initiatives that lead to the realization of a low-carbon society, and proposals for lifestyles that emit less CO2 in offices and homes, from many companies and organizations that agree with the purpose. is.

We hereby declare that we will continue to participate in activities at Pruning Shop Sora and aim to realize a low-carbon society.

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Fun to Share公式サイト
Toward a low-carbon society in a beautiful garden every day

The garden is a home mirror. By cleaning the garden, the biodiversity of birds and insects will come to life, and you will be healed by seeing it, and the harmony of your family and family will expand. There is always a nice "garden" in the "home", and we will help you maintain such a beautiful garden.

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Pruning shop sky Ichiro Iijima
smart move

“Smart move” is an initiative to promote earth-friendly movement, and we are working on a mechanism that is good for health while reviewing the fact that we usually use a car as a matter of course.

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smart move公式サイト
Efforts for eco-estimation by bicycle

Although it is only in the vicinity of Komono Town, when you request a quote, we will ask you for an eco-quote by bicycle.

Most of the customers are surprised to see that they appear on their bicycles without the sound of a car and say, "It's a gardener! I asked for a quote." Mie Prefecture has a length from north to south, and many people commute by private car, and the roads in the morning are congested, which makes it quite inconvenient in some areas such as inconvenient traffic areas. Furthermore, we are working on the possibility of solving the long-standing problem of losing weight (becoming healthy) while going to the estimate.

"Garden work with good health"

2016.05.02 19:57

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Kumamoto Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Sky Project ~ The sky is connected forever ~

We deeply mourn the loss of precious lives due to the Kumamoto earthquake, and sincerely respect the victims who are still struggling to return home and volunteers. In addition to paying, we will send a part of the profits of the pruning house sky based on the information from the volunteers who are actually active in Kumamoto.

三重県 熊本震災復興支援
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