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​Today in the garden of Mie Prefecture

It is a pruning shop sky in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture. We will solve your problems related to trees such as pruning and logging of garden trees around Yokkaichi City, Suzuka City, Kuwana City, Kameyama City, and Tsu City with proposals that suit you and the garden trees.

May greetings Satsuki

In May, the sunshine gradually gained momentum, and this year as well, I am strengthening myself while fertilizing the garden trees to overcome the intense heat.

We will make preparations before the arrival of full-scale summer and will visit the garden in Mie Prefecture in May with safety first.

剪定屋空 判子
Pruning and Logging Specialist


Business content

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三重県 剪定
三重県 庭
2021 acceptance end
三重県 空き家
三重県 竹林整備
三重県 竹伐採
菰野町 伐採
2021 acceptance end
三重県 企業の森 整備
三重県での森林整備ご依頼について|三重県剪定伐採お庭のお手入れ専門店 剪定屋空
2021 acceptance end

We accept pruning of garden trees from regular maintenance of the entire garden. Depending on the content of your request, we may not be able to accept requests such as pruning from a single garden tree or simple maintenance.

Thankfully, we receive a lot of inquiries every year, and it is difficult to accept all cases. Humbly thank you for your understanding.

About regular management of the garden

About regular management of the garden
Japanese Garden
Japanese female gardener

Regular garden management is a method of managing a garden that we visit regularly with the aim of creating a safe and attractive garden while maintaining the health and scenery of the trees in the garden.

A beautiful and pleasant garden will calm your mind. Daily garden management is important in order to feel the changes of the four seasons and to touch the garden while listening to the chirping of birds.

Care for garden trees = Many people think that it is only the work of cutting branches such as pruning trees and cutting hedges, but the plants that have just been planted are the same as babies, and milk (fertilization) at the appropriate time. You need to be lovingly cared for, such as giving a baby or laying it in a good bed so that you can grow up healthy. In addition, if there is a pond in the garden, cleaning and inspection of the pond, cleaning and inspection of landscaping decorations such as lanterns, cleaning of fallen leaves accumulated in the trough, branches and leaves that have entered the site of the neighbors, etc. Various construction techniques are required for garden care such as cleaning and weed control.

There are many things that cannot be solved by learning only about plants. For example, trees are closely related to fungi called mycorrhizal fungi, and fungi and microorganisms die in the soil affected by herbicides. Therefore, just because the garden trees have weakened, fertilizer does not make them healthy at all, and it is necessary to improve the soil and promote the increase of fungi. We will take a step forward from trees and plants to microorganisms and soil environment, and take care of them with the feeling of sincerely facing them with knowledge and experience that can be considered from various perspectives.

garden management
Japanese pruning
pruning (e.g. of a garden)

In addition to the construction method that suits each garden, it is important to manage the garden trees that suit the lifestyle of the person who owns the garden.

For example, if you can take care of your garden once every two weeks, you can keep the garden beautiful and beautiful by just pulling out weeds frequently.

However, even with annual professional care, the garden that has been left unattended for the next year will never improve, and the garden will gradually become overgrown with branches and leaves and become full of weeds. I don't like to see.

I have also proposed regular management to those who have consulted with me because I can't help myself.

We don't think we have a hassle-free garden, and we would like to help you create a garden where you can enjoy touching the garden every day.

We are also studying every day and looking for ways to face the garden. There are still some places that haven't been reached yet, but I will continue to touch the garden with all my heart.

gardener in Japan

Garden Tree Pruning-Enjoying managing garden trees

Real Japanese Gardens
Japanese Gardener Experience

The important point when asking a specialist for pruning is to request it before the tree grows too large.

A beautiful tree shape can be maintained by pruning according to the size of the garden and the environment and continuing maintenance every year.

There are some tree species that grow larger than the size of the garden and grow larger in the next year from the branches that have been cut back at once, so if you want to lower the tree height, little by little every year. It is also important to prun the tree according to the nature of the tree and improve the appearance immediately after pruning, such as cutting back the branches and gradually lowering the tree height.

Pruning of Quercus crispula
Tree care services for shrines, temples and shrines|Mie Prefecture senteiyasora
三重県 剪定

I think the most important thing is to make the garden easy to manage throughout the year. At Pruning Shop Sora, we handle garden management for private residences, green space management for hospitals and commercial facilities, and garden maintenance for shrines and temples.

There is also an appropriate time for pruning trees for each tree species, and it is important to prun at that time. With that in mind, we try to make proposals that suit the lifestyle of our customers.

 japanese woman in gardener uniform

Work tips and daily tips

Here are some work examples. For reference of requests and consultations