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Requests for garden trees and tree logging in Mie Prefecture

If you have any concerns about garden trees or logging in Mie Prefecture, please feel free to contact us.

We will use construction techniques such as special logging in consideration of safety, such as logging cross-border trees, obstacle trees, and tall trees that appear on roads and neighboring houses.

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三重県で庭木や樹木伐採のご依頼について|三重県剪定伐採お庭のお手入れ専門店 剪定屋空

Important points when requesting logging

三重県 伐採
四日市 伐採
三重県 伐採

The important point when requesting a logging specialist is to request it as soon as possible, "one step before" that you cannot handle yourself.

Pruning shop sky receives many requests for logging throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us about tree pruning, tree felling, special felling, etc. around Yokkaichi City, Suzuka City, Kuwana City, Kameyama City, Inabe City, Tsu City, Komono Town, Asahi Town, Toin Town.

三重県 伐採
亀山市 伐採

It is good to find a contractor who will respond as soon as possible, but please allow enough time to find a contractor and listen carefully to the meetings, proposals, and detailed explanations on how to proceed with the logging work. It is also important for you to identify it yourself.

鈴鹿市 伐採
菰野町 伐採
三重県 伐採

There are many companies whose livelihood is logging. Unfortunately, some of them start logging without much knowledge and skills. In fact, we have heard many troubles and unfortunate feelings from the stories we have heard from our customers.

When I confessed a part of it, I hurriedly asked a contractor to cut down the garden trees, but the branches fell on the tiles of the neighboring house and the tiles were damaged. He told me that the buds had sprouted from the stump of the garden tree and returned to the original state in three years.

Originally, even if trees are cut down from the roots, it is natural for strong tree species to sprout from stumps again. If the roots are not properly treated to prevent sprouts from sprout, the stumps of the felled trees will sprout again and will surely grow thick after a few years.

In addition, there are disadvantages after cutting down all the trees, and there is also a proposal to cut down only the trees that have grown too large while leaving some trees.

菰野町 伐採
三重県 伐採
造園ファーストエイド |三重県剪定伐採お庭のお手入れ専門店 剪定屋空
三重県 造園

There are many accidents during logging work, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has issued a ministerial ordinance to make chainsaw protective trousers mandatory.

There is no guarantee that an accident will not occur, and we will start work with safety first, but we are preparing for an accident. In the unlikely event of an accident, we also have non-life insurance (no history of use).

If you think it's easy to cut down trees, you should look for a cheaper company than anywhere else.

If you are looking for a more polite and reliable response than anywhere else, please feel free to contact us.

What is the most polite and reliable response than anywhere else in the pruning shop sky?

三重県の庭木伐採業者| 三重県剪定伐採専門店 剪定屋空

We apologize for the inconvenience, but basically, we always ask you to attend. For customers who request from afar, we will make detailed proposals by email or LINE.

First of all, we will listen to your requests.

After that, we will combine our experience and knowledge to propose the work method that best suits the customer's request.

There are also various requests for logging trees. For example

・ I like garden trees, but I can no longer manage them.


・ The garden tree that has been left unattended for many years crosses the border to the site of the next house, and I want you to take action.


・ I want to leave a few garden trees that are easy to manage, and do not have a gardener in the future, and I want to take care of them myself as much as possible.


There are various consultations on the situation and contents, such as logging.

It's very sad to cut down trees, but it's also true that it costs money to clean each year in the future.

At Pruning Shop Sora, before logging, we will sprinkle miki and cleansing salt, put our hands together to cleanse properly, and we will work safely without causing any inconvenience to the landlord or the neighborhood.

三重県 伐採

At Pruning Shop Sora, before logging, we will sprinkle miki and cleansing salt, put our hands together to cleanse properly, and we will work safely without causing any inconvenience to the landlord or the neighborhood.


It goes without saying that I always have a sense of tension when working on my work, not forgetting the feeling of gratitude for touching the garden trees every time.

About cleansing and miki before logging

三重県 伐採 お清め

Prepare sake and salt, and if possible, have salt at a shrine.

I have a question about what is good for sake, but I think that feelings are the most important thing before choosing what to drink or salt.

I often hear stories about accidents when logging down sacred trees, and unhappiness after logging down in the garden of a private residence, but originally, disasters occur when unexpected things happen. So, just because I cut a tree, I feel like it's a human ego to blame it.

三重県 伐採

A tree that has been planted for hundreds of years in our ancestors has protected us. But in the current situation, there is no choice but to cut down. So, instead of purifying it so that something bad wouldn't happen, I thought about thanking the trees first, and told my feelings right now and joined hands with "Thank you." I think it would be better.

It's a problem if you cut down the garden trees in your house and have something, but it doesn't matter what else

On the contrary, I think the most important thing is to be interested in garden trees and spend time after that.

We will also explain in detail the management of the garden after logging.


Logging from the root is a method of cutting trees near the ground. We try to cut the stumps as close to the ground as possible so that they are not noticeable, but for customers who do not want to leave stumps, we will also propose a method of removing the stumps by a work called "bakkon".


As a result, "I'm glad I left it to a professional" depends on how friendly and friendly the customer is.

鈴鹿市 伐採
鈴鹿市 伐採
三重県 津市 伐採
三重県 鈴鹿市 伐採
四日市 伐採
三重県 伐採

Important things before cutting down trees

I would like to introduce some of the logging work results.

Work Case

In a garden that is easy to maintain every year

Every year, a gardener was put in the garden and it was properly maintained, but the management of the garden trees became difficult year by year, and we received a request to make the garden easy to maintain.

It was a very well-balanced garden with quite a lot of tree species such as splendid pine and maki planted, but I would like to propose a garden that mainly focuses on balls such as Satsuki and Azalea. It was.

The balls (the garden tree like Marimo in the photo) are not so tall, are relatively easy to maintain, and are trimmed using electric hedge trimmers and pruning shears sold at home improvement stores. You can do things. After logging, the sun may shine well in the place where the trees were, and weeds may grow, so do not spray the herbicide around the moss, but spray the herbicide as a point. However, we have made a proposal that will make it easier to care for the grass.

Construction of all parts at the request of the entire garden

I was allowed to do it.

It grows too big in a blink of an eye

Recently, the gold crest planted in front of the entrance has become too large to deal with. We receive many inquiries such as worrying about falling on the road. As a representative of conifers, it is also sold at home improvement stores and is popular for its pretty garden trees, but it belongs to the Cupressaceae family and grows very quickly, and it quickly becomes a large tree that goes over the roof on the second floor.

Even if it is properly cared for every year, it is a very difficult tree species to manage unless it is planted in consideration of the planting space. In addition, the roots of conifers are generally shallow (with exceptions), and there is a risk of falling trees due to typhoons, so be careful.

Logging of large trees, dangerous trees, obstacle trees, etc.

三重県 伐採
三重県 亀山市 伐採

At Pruning Shop Sora, we also accept special logging of large trees, dangerous trees, and obstacle trees.

Please feel free to contact us for forest maintenance and bamboo forest thinning that have been left unattended for many years .

三重県 伐採
三重県 特殊伐採
三重県 伐採
津市 伐採
三重県 津市 伐採
三重県 菰野町 伐採
鈴鹿市 伐採
三重県  伐採
亀山市 伐採
朝日町 伐採
津市 伐採|三重県剪定伐採お庭のお手入れ専門店 剪定屋空
鈴鹿市 庭木 伐採
三重県 伐採
三重県 庭木 伐採
三重県 四日市市 伐採

About the dangers of chainsaws

From August 1, 2019, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has issued a ministerial ordinance on "mandatory chainsaw protective trousers" that requires the wearing of chainsaw protective trousers and chaps. Accidents when using chainsaws do not follow every year, and I think that some people have seen them in the news. In addition, from August 1, 2020, due to the revision of special education related to logging operations, completion of special education related to new logging operations is obligatory for all industries that perform logging operations, regardless of the type of industry. You can.

三重県 伐採

While using chainsaws every day, we also consider various dangers and consider the size of the chainsaw and the allocation of personnel at each site. No matter how accustomed you are, a little carelessness can lead to a terrible accident due to kickback, mistakes in the way of cutting the trailing edge, the socket, etc.

Before entering a large logging site, I often watch videos of chainsaw accidents and think about risks and dangers before starting work. Recently, we have seen many battery-powered chainsaws, and we have to worry about noise problems. Therefore, the advance setup becomes very important. We believe that we can respond promptly even if an accident occurs at the site by making thorough preparations such as greeting the neighbors and, if using the road, permission to use the road.

三重県 伐採 三重県剪定伐採お庭のお手入れ専門店 剪定屋空

For safety first proposals and work in Mie Prefecture, leave it to the pruning shop sky

Well-read logging articles

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Please feel free to contact us about the garden.

The quote is free.

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