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About charges

Satisfaction for all customers

We will make careful proposals, quotations, and construction so that all customers will be satisfied.

We will make a proposal that fits your budget and promise a satisfactory finish.


About garden care


Charge form that can be understood by the height of the tree

At Pruning Shop Sora -sora-, the price is set based on the height of the tree at the time of quotation, so it is possible to clean from a single garden tree.

We can propose a pruning method according to your budget (for example, this tree grows well, so it is easier to maintain it later if you prun it strongly), so we will discuss each one carefully and make it your image. We will take care of the garden that suits you.

Pruning garden tree.png

What does pruning do?

Shape it while cutting off the branches and leaves of the tree.

We will work carefully while considering the purpose of ventilation, viewing of trees, growth, practical use, etc.

What are the benefits of leaving it to a professional?

The basic work of pruning in garden care is not that difficult.

Take a hair dressing shop as an example.

For example, the difference in finish is clear when the general public cuts their hair by themselves and when they ask a professional stylist to cut it.

I think that the sense of each craftsman is also important, but it is a professional job to clean up the itch that is out of reach.

Based on the belief that each tree is a customer, pruning shop Sora -sora- proposes a pruning method that suits the tree.

sora pruning fee

Tree height less than 2m 1,650 yen (tax included) ~ / book

Less than 3-5m 5,500 yen (tax included) ~ / piece

Less than 5-7m 16,500 yen (tax included) ~ / book

7m or more Estimate separately

* Please note that the price may vary depending on the shape of the tree. For example, even if the tree is 2m high, there are not many branches, or conversely, there are too many pruning points.

About pruning

What does pruning do?

Pruning is a method of using large pruning shears or an electric pruning machine to make the whole round or to finish the trees planted in hedges. Trees (topiaries) made in the shape of animals and symbols that you see in parks are a technique that uses pruning.

What are the benefits of leaving it to a professional?

Not only does it have a beautiful shape, but it also saves you the trouble of cleaning fallen leaves. Also, when the appearance becomes beautiful, the impression of the garden and the impression of the house will change drastically.

Please tell us your requests, such as "I want you to feel cute" and "I want to make a stylish decision".

We strive to get as close to the ideal finish as possible.

sora hedge pruning fee

Distance planted 2,200 yen (tax included) ~ / m

* Limited to hedges with a height of less than 2 m. (Estimate separately for heights of 2 m or more)

If you calculate the charge based on the distance of the hedge, the charge may be too high and may be adjusted.

sora ball pruning fee

Tree height less than 1m 550 yen (tax included) ~ / book

Less than 2m 1,100 yen (tax included) ~ / book

Estimate separately for 3m or more

About pruning

What does pine care do?

Pruning and "sideburns" are performed from December to February, and "green picking" is performed from May to June as needed.

What are the benefits of leaving it to a professional?

Caring for pine trees is a very detailed task.

It is also known that tailoring is difficult, and it is said that "the skill of craftsmen can be understood by looking at the pruning of pine trees", so the sense and skill of each craftsman also have a considerable effect. There are different types of pine, and the method of tailoring with black pine, red pine, and five-leaf pine is also different. Our shop is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also pruning for years to come.

Many customers request only pine trees, so we recommend that you leave it to a professional for customers who want to stick to the workmanship.

sora pine care fee

* Regarding the pine care fee, the fee will vary depending on the overall size of the pine tree and the frequency of care. We will decide the price after confirming it at the time of quotation.

About pine care


About logging trees


Important points when requesting logging

The important point when requesting logging is to request early, just before you get out of hand.

Recently, logging in the gardens of vacant houses is increasing, but if the trees grow large enough to exceed the utility poles or if they are too weak to climb, you will have to use aerial work platforms and heavy machinery. In that case, the more you are surprised, the higher the cost will be. In addition, the risk of falling trees increases, so we recommend that you request early.

It can be said to be pruning, but it is a key to avoid risk and to take early action at a low price.

For example, depending on the size of the garden, even if you try to reshape the tree that has reached the two-story roof to a smaller size, the thickened branches will not return to their original shape, so it feels dry. Will appear, and the overall aesthetics will be spoiled. Some customers choose to cry and cry, but if you keep working from the beginning, you will be able to maintain the beautiful shape of the trees at a low price, and you will not have to cut them.

What are the benefits of leaving it to a professional?

It's very sad to cut down trees, but it's also true that it costs money to clean each year in the future.

Pruning shop sky -sora- receives many logging requests every year.

I wondered what we could do at least for our customers and trees. That is to clean up properly before logging and finish the work safely without causing any inconvenience to the landlord or neighbors. Obviously, I always remember that feeling and work with a sense of tension.

You can also consult us after logging. Since stumps will remain if only logging is performed, it is also possible to remove the stumps by a work called "bakkon". In addition, trees have strong vitality, and even if they are cut down into stumps, some trees will sprout from them, so we are also working to kill the roots depending on the situation.

The result is "I'm glad I left it to a professional" to find a company that is friendly and willing to deal with it, rather than just judging by the price.

sora tree logging fee

Tree height less than 2m 3,300 yen (tax included) ~ / book
Less than 3-5m 16,500 yen (tax included) ~ / book
Less than 5-7m 33,000 yen (tax included) ~ / piece
7m or more Estimate separately
* Please note that the price may vary depending on the shape of the tree.
If you need to use heavy equipment such as a crane, we will quote it separately. Please quote separately for root removal and root rot work.
Mie prefecture landscaping

All trees and fallen leaves are recycled

At Pruner Sora -sora-, I hope you also learned what happens to trees and fallen leaves.
Branches and other trees from the garden will be brought to Komono Green Recycle in Mie Prefecture. All garden trees are recycled and reborn as chips and compost. Once the garden has been cleaned, it's not the end, but with respect for the trees that always heal and cheer us up.

What are the benefits of leaving it to a professional?

Cleaning is an important task, such as cleaning fallen leaves, as the gardener's long-standing teaching says, "Cleaning should be licked."
Our shop is first-class only if you can clean every detail. I think it's the care of a full-fledged gardener.
The pruning technique of garden trees is also important, but I think it is better to leave the cleaning technique to a solid place.

Disposal cost

From 4,400 yen (tax included) for one light truck
* Disposal costs vary depending on the weight of the trees, so the disposal costs for felled trees will be high. It costs about 4,400 yen (tax included) to 8,800 yen (tax included) in a typical garden.

About disposal costs for trees and fallen leaves

About tree planting and gardening


Planting trees in the garden

At Pruning Shop Sora, we believe that the most important thing in gardening is to think decades ahead and plant garden trees.

Garden trees always grow beyond our imagination. In order to coexist well with nature, it is important to properly plant trees that are suitable for the area and to devise ways to reduce some effort.

We propose trees that can grow older together while maintaining a beautiful tree shape.

If you get lost in gardening

Gardening is most important after the garden is completed.

Let's take a pet as an example.

After buying a puppy, it costs more than expected every year as it grows up. The same goes for the garden, where you feed regularly (fertilizer and water), pruning when the time comes, and so on every year.

We recommend a contractor who will take care of the garden even after the garden is finished, or a contractor who will explain the advantages and disadvantages such as the cost of building the garden in the future.

In addition, since we will be in contact with each other for a long time in the future, we think that considering the personality of the gardener in addition to the gardening is a way to realize and maintain a good gardening.

sora tree planting fee

First of all, we will carefully discuss your budget and what kind of garden you want to make.

All the trees are purchased at a reliable local gardener that I have seen so far. We will propose a garden that suits the climate of Mie Prefecture.

Pest control.jpg

What kind of pest control is recommended?

There are various types of disinfection and pest control of garden trees, from those that use a sprayer to sprinkle the entire garden to those that spray specific trees such as pine trees.

If you divide the pest control into time,

Sprinkle according to the dormant period of insects from January to February

Sprinkle during the period when insects become active from March to May

The ones that are sown from July to September are typical.

There are various insects that come out depending on the garden, so it is sure to have a professional see it once and make a suggestion. Also, when it comes to disinfection, it is important to consider the neighbors. At Pruning Shop Sora-sora-, we will start work after making preparations such as greeting the neighbors.


Detailed explanation of the types of drugs to be sprayed

At Pruning Shop Sora-sora-, we will explain in detail the types and effects of the chemicals that are always sprayed before work. Also, if there is a hornet's nest in the garden tree, it can be removed together, so if you have any problems such as "A lot of bees are flying in the garden recently" or "I got eczema when I was touching the garden tree" Please feel free to contact us.

Garden tree disinfection and pest control fee

Whole garden tree spraying chemicals 16,500 yen (tax included) ~
* Please note that the amount will vary depending on the size of the garden and the chemicals used.

About disinfection and pest control of garden trees


About weed control in the garden


Introducing 3 selections of weed control that will not fail

I think many people are worried about weed control every year.

At Pruning Shop Sora -sora-, we have three weed control plans, and we will propose an effective method that suits your garden.

  1. Weed control by sprinkling mowers and herbicides

  2. Weed control with gravel

  3. Weed control with a weed-proof sheet

1. Weed control by sprinkling mowers and herbicides

Benefits of weed control by sprinkling mowers and herbicides

Costs can be kept low if you have your own mowers and herbicide sprayers at home improvement stores. It's a little fun for those who can steadily weed. It is a weed control that everyone has experience at least once. This is probably the most royal way to get rid of weeds.

Disadvantages of weed control by sprinkling mowers and herbicides

Weeds can grow quickly, such as in the summer, just by cutting them with a mower. When sprinkling herbicides at the same time, it takes a considerable amount of time and energy, such as taking care not to inconvenience the neighbors. It is good to ask the vendor every year, but the cost will increase each time.

Most of the companies offer unit prices depending on the area of the mowing site, and the market price is about 70 to 150 yen per square meter. The place to work varies slightly depending on the location, such as a steep slope.
One square meter is calculated as 1m in length x 1m in width = 1 square meter.

Mowing fee

Using a mower 1㎡ 230 yen (tax included) ~

* Depending on the situation of the work place, the work fee may change depending on the place where the slope is steep, the grass that was cut before is piled up, a large amount of garbage is falling, or the dead tree fallen leaves are piled up. .. Basically, it will be an estimate after seeing the site once.


2. Weed control by laying gravel

Benefits of weed control by laying gravel

If you remove some uprooted weeds and lay gravel before laying gravel, weeds will be difficult to grow. If you just lay gravel, you can do it yourself, so the cost can be kept low. Even if weeds grow from the gaps in the gravel, you can easily remove them, so once you spend money on the gravel, you can easily remove the weeds yourself. In addition, gravel also has a crime prevention effect due to sound, and various gravel has recently appeared, so you can redecorate your garden with a fashionable feeling.

Disadvantages of weed control by laying gravel

If you've ever cleaned a gravel garden, you'll know that cleaning is quite difficult if fallen leaves collect on the gravel. Even professionals use various tools (handbrushes, blowers, etc.) to clean fallen leaves mixed with gravel. There are various types of gravel, small, medium, and large, so it is necessary to consider the ease of cleaning. Also, if you pull gravel directly on the ground, people will often walk or drive in and out, and the gravel will sink, so you will need to add gravel once every few years.

We recommend that you consider several types of gravel in consideration of harmony with your house and trees and ease of cleaning. Also, the first thing is to give priority to the fact that it does not take time and effort, and the trick is to enjoy the garden beautifully even after laying gravel. The cost of laying gravel depends on the size of the garden and whether it is easy to construct.


Gravel laying fee

Pruner Sora -sora- offers a wide variety of gravel, from fashionable gravel to cheap gravel. The amount of money varies depending on the type of gravel and the method of construction, so please contact us first and we will make a proposal that suits your garden.

We also accept requests for gravel addition.

Please feel free to contact us.

3. Weed control with a weed-proof sheet

Benefits of weed control with a weed-proof sheet

By laying a weed-proof sheet, weeds can be suppressed for a long period of time, and by laying gravel on it, a double weed-proof effect is exhibited. If you use a good weed-proof sheet, it will take almost no effort after installation.

Even if weed seeds fly over the gravel and grow, they can be easily removed. In recent years, weed-proof sheets have also evolved, and various ones have come out, so you can choose the one that suits your garden (for example, a colored sheet that looks good).

Disadvantages of weed control with a weed-proof sheet

Weed control sheets can control weeds for long periods of time, but they are not perfect.

Some maintenance is required because weeds may come out from the gaps between the sheets. If you lay an inexpensive sheet, it will tear immediately and the scenery will be bad. In addition, the unit cost of construction is higher than that of gravel laying alone, because it is necessary to thoroughly weed and root out before laying the sheet.

Types of weed control sheets and points for choosing the right vendor

Watch out for cheap and bad weed control sheets

You can easily buy weed-proof sheets online these days, but we don't recommend cheap weed-proof sheets. Because I set the end point to "do not take time", and even though I worked, it became useless in a year or two and I had to replace it, after removing the gravel, I peeled off the weed control sheet again, and the cost It also takes extra effort. It is many times better to buy a good weed control sheet from the beginning.

Carefully identify the contractor and construct at a reasonable price

Of course, it is best to have a professional contractor choose the weed-proof sheet. In addition, many people ask questions such as "Is the estimated amount appropriate?" On question sites, but the answer is completely unreliable. Because only the vendor is looking at the site. Many of the vendors are working with high professional beliefs and aspirations. So start by trusting that person, and if you have any questions, ask the person in charge. Only when this relationship of trust is established will the contractor be able to provide customers with high-quality construction.
That is the shortest, most reliable, and more profitable way to clean your garden.

Gravel + weed control sheet is definitely recommended for those who have even one such problem.

Weeds are weeded and weeded every year, but it's already the limit

I'm asking a contractor to mow the grass, but I'm worried about the cost it costs every year.

I'm worried about weeds under the wooden deck and in small gaps

I'd like to ask a professional once, but honestly I'm skeptical

Garden construction

Weed-proof sheet fee

The construction fee for the weed-proof sheet varies depending on the construction method and location. It also depends on the type (thickness) of the weed-proof sheet and when a large amount of earth and sand is carried out.
The pruner sky uses Zaburn's weed control sheet. When making a quote, we will bring a sample of a general weed control sheet and Zaburn's weed control sheet and explain in detail.
三重県の剪定 お問い合わせ


Please feel free to contact us for anything regarding the garden.

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