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Large-scale mowing of solar mega solar and factory facilities in Mie Prefecture

三重県 草刈り
三重県 草刈り
四日市 草刈り メガソーラー

Large-scale mowing of solar mega solar and factory facilities in Mie Prefecture

For weeding, weed control, and green space management, leave it to the pruner Sora-sora-.

List of supported areas

<Mie Prefecture>

Komono Town, Inabe City, Kuwana City, Yokkaichi City, Toin Town, Kawagoe Town, Kisosaki Town, Suzuka City, Kameyama City, Tsu City

Corresponding area is expanding!

Please feel free to contact us even outside the service area.

About mega solar solar power and weeding measures for factory facilities

I think that there are many people who are worried about weed control, especially when the site is large, such as solar mega solar and factory facilities.

At Pruning Shop Sora-sora-, we will propose the best construction to meet the customer's request and maintain it for a long period of time in the future.

Weed control advantages and disadvantages

Weed control on a large-scale site is mainly based on mowing, and there are various construction methods such as installing a weed control sheet, laying gravel, and covering with a ground cover (clover or lawn). I will. Pruning shop Sora -sora- recommends annually managed mowing. Weed-proof sheets also have a long life, and many products are now available that will last a long time, but I don't think it makes much sense to just install a weed-proof sheet on the entire site. Of course, it is certain that grass will not grow, but the weed-proof sheet etc. will fulfill its function for the first time including proper maintenance after that. Mowing also has the advantage of low cost, and stones may scatter when mowing and break the glass. If you leave the mowing to us, I think it is most important to select a contractor who can perform proper construction while considering the cost.
三重県 草刈り
三重県 メガソーラー 草刈り
三重県 草刈り
鈴鹿市 草刈り
三重県 ソーラー 草刈り
三重県 草刈り
What the pruner sky-sora-can do
First of all, we will talk in detail so that we can make proposals that suit our customers, and we will tell you that no matter which weed control you take, there are always advantages and disadvantages. For example, using a manual weeder (mower) to mow a flat surface on a large site such as a factory is not very cost effective. In such a case, if it is difficult to use a large herbicide such as a hammer knife or spray the herbicide, try spraying a herbicide that can be supplemented with natural products, or suddenly. If a large herbicide does not fit on a steep slope, we will perform manual herbicide, or we will make a proposal that suits the site and the customer, and we will carry out the construction that will give the best results.


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