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Example of Green Space Management for Apartment Buildings

Example of Green Space Management for Apartment Buildings


The green space outside the house is covered with autumn leaves in fall and cherry blossoms in spring. We can feel the breeze while looking at them.

However, while it is of course important to see the green space, it is also important to manage and operate the green space. Here are some examples of green space management work at condominiums.

Case Details


Case Details

Green space management work is aimed at improving the soil and vegetation of green spaces. The advantage of green space management work is that it can be carried out in a natural way without the use of herbicides or chemicals as much as possible.

Case Details 1

This case study shows the details of planned pruning work

green space management work
green space management work

We, who are responsible for the management, pruning, and other yard work, create a natural growing environment by taking care of the trees in our green spaces.

The benefits of this case study may include the following Pruning maintains and enriches urban green spaces.

Continuing this type of maintenance is important for the sustainability of the city. Volunteers and schools participating in these tasks can provide excellent educational opportunities.

Pruning is the process of cutting branches in order to maintain the shape of a tree and renew it with new branches. The term pruning is used primarily for trees. Pruning a garden tree to keep it in good shape year after year is also called pruning, but it can also mean many different things, such as pruning a fruit tree to make it bear fruit.

pruning tool
pruning tool

Pruning garden trees is also a very complicated process, with various techniques such as "small watermark pruning" and "large watermark pruning. Recently, more and more trees are being taken from the mountains and planted in their natural state, and there are many different pruning methods that can be used to achieve a natural and beautiful appearance.

There are many different types of pruning tools on the market today, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, there are tools with long handles that require less bending at the waist, tools that can be used both indoors and outdoors, tools with small blades that are easy to use for children and elderly people with limited strength, and tools designed for left-handed people.

In conclusion, maintaining green space is very rewarding for both the owner and the community. This work is not difficult, but it does require a certain amount of preparedness on the part of those who manage gardens and green spaces. We have to deal with many things based on our knowledge, skills, and experience.。


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