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The care of a Japanese garden

The care of a Japanese garden is very important to maintain its beauty.

Although it may not be possible to take care of every detail, such as annual maintenance, it is important to take care of the garden on a regular basis,

However, even a little bit of weeding on a daily basis will help maintain the beauty of the garden for a long period of time.

The care of a Japanese garden

The basic maintenance is weeding and leaf cleanup, and regular removal of fallen leaves, dead branches, weeds, and other debris will keep the yard clean.

If tree pruning is an annual maintenance, the construction approach will vary depending on which trees are pruned at the right time of year.

This garden has satsuki azaleas, etc., and normally the best time to trim them is after they have flowered, but if you want to combine tree pruning with weeding, it is possible to do the maintenance at this time of year as well.

The care of a Japanese garden

Moss, an essential element of a Japanese garden, is one of the elements that accentuates the beauty of a Japanese garden, but it is prone to disease due to excessive humidity and lack of sunlight, so proper care is necessary.

Stones are one of the main elements of a Japanese garden. Occasional adjustments to the placement and angles of the stones will help maintain the atmosphere of the garden. It is also important to clean the stones and remove moss and dirt.

Keeping the soil in good condition keeps plants healthy. In addition, in areas where gravel or white sand is used, regular grading of the gravel will help maintain a beautiful pattern.

Japanese gardens are meant to be enjoyed during the changing seasons. The beauty of each season can be brought out by seasonal care, plant selection, and placement.

Since the care of a Japanese garden varies depending on the size, elements, and season of the garden, there is no general or fixed time of year for this, and it is best to follow the general pruning season. 

The care of a Japanese garden

In this case, the key point was to trim satsuki heart making, which the client's grandchildren enjoyed.


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