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Senteiya sora
Pruning shop Sora is looking for a blog article writer who will liven up the representative's always dull construction case blog. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail for details.

Make all customers smile through garden trees

Introducing Sowriter

Solite Bayberry Sakura

Lives in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture

I like the sea, I like plants, and I love eating more than that.

Looking at the garden with a cat, I am writing.

Previous job was a designer. Sometimes I talk about pranks.

Sowriter Nahokko

5th grade succulent plant. A writer who loves succulents and cacti. I would like to convey the charm of green, including succulents. As a laid-back person, I love playing with cats, playing with the garden, writing, and playing with cats. My hobbies are gardening, cooking, watching baseball games (Dragon's fans), visiting ramen shops with my family, and taking a nap.

Sowriter Komichi

Lives in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

I grew up with my parents who love plants, and at the same time I bought my own home, I started gardening, which I had always wanted to do. I like cuttings, sowing seeds, and dividing plants to feel the vitality of plants.

My hobbies are handcrafting and going out with a camera.

Solite and hot

I would like to convey the various attractions of nature and plants. Recently, I've also become interested in roadside vegetation that isn't planted.
My hobbies are visiting public baths and hot springs, photography, and traveling.

Solite Imarina

My hobbies are classical ballet, piano, singing, photography, and flowers. I love walking around plants with my camera in my hand.
The daily routine is an active Arasa who can run about 200 kilometers every month.
I live with my favorite rabbit, Koro-chan, and my husband.

Solitaire Beginner mama with 3 years of experience in the vegetable garden

Growing food and herbs at will. My hobbies are gardening and DIY.

Solite ylang ylang

Ylang-ylang has a fascinating scent like a flower, but calms your mind ...

I don't hear much now, it's a family of eight. Four children live every day without worrying about the locality and loud voice. Psychological Counselor Good Luck Method Healing

By making the best use of these, I will be able to have a conversation with plants that feel life someday.

I am preparing my mind. However, every day is busy and full of power! !! It may also appear in the article. .. ..

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