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sharpen knives

Just as you sharpen your blades cleanly before you start tending to your garden, you sharpen your blades before you start sharpening wood on a wood lathe.

sharpen knives

This is because working with an unsharp blade is dangerous, inefficient, and does not produce a clean finish.

Since I have just started using a wood lathe for the first time, I use a special jig to sharpen the blade so that I can sharpen it properly. Even with a jig, sharpening cannot be done well if the angle setting or the way the hand is moved when sharpening is wrong. Some advanced sharpeners can sharpen knives freehand, but this is still a long way off.

Sharpening knives is so important that it determines the finished work.

For this reason, they use water sharpeners, grindstones, finishing methods, and various other sharpening methods.

I hope to gain experience and improve in my own way while watching the backs of my seniors.


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