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Thinking about wood drying

I thought about the drying period from the time a tree is cut down until it is ready to be used as lumber.

Thinking about wood drying

When used as a building material, if the wood is not dried properly, it will distort and twist, affecting the building. When I visited a forestry site once, I was told that zelkova is a very susceptible tree, and that it takes 10 years after being cut down, 10 years after being laid down, and 10 years after being ground (sawed).

When used as a building material, if the wood is not dried properly,

It takes a very long time, which seems daunting in today's fast-paced world, but the buildings that were painstakingly and carefully crafted over time remain firmly in place today.

In the world of woodworking, there are two methods: one is to use dried lumber, and the other is to use raw wood (freshly harvested, undried wood) to make props, vessels, and furniture. When raw wood is ground into thin vessels on a wood lathe and dried, the distortion caused by the drying process works well to enhance the piece.

Thus, we can see that the required drying period varies depending on the use and species of wood.

We hope to deepen our understanding of trees by thinking about things from various angles and sincerely dealing with trees, rather than being limited to one way of thinking.


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